Dear Parents

Studio Theater Modjeska was created for children and teens aged 3 to 18 years. The course concentrates on pronunciation, vocal development, and stage movement as well as developing imagination and teamwork skills.

Under the supervision of professional actors and choreographers, young children and teens begin to explore the world of theater. Our meetings give them the opportunity to stay in the coveted world of fiction, dreams, and at the same time help to understand the world around them. Fun theatrical activities foster the development of speech, memorization skills, attention, focus, along with fostering discipline and culture of speaking.

Classes in Studio Theater Modjeska are tailored to different age groups and composed so that every child may develop their skills to their fullest potential. We place special emphasis on individual development, by holding meetings in small groups.

No doubt your child’s participation in a class offered by the Studio Theater Modjeska will be a great investment. All the skills acquired during the course will pay off not only on stage, but will also resonate in their everyday life.

Kinga Modjeska